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Top 5 Corporate Character based animations

The most successful stories are the ones that are driven by characters.

The visual presentation is the most important aspect of storytelling.

Is this a quirky, moody character? What kind of visual change does this character go through during the animation? How does it affect your brand or organization?

I’ve listed five of my favorite examples below where characters have been the driving force of each piece.

5. LG Super (Superannuation)

The animations in this series were a blast to work on.

The client was open to trying new things and that made the experience quite rewarding. The animations are a good example of how easy marketing can be with a theme that appeals to a particular niche.

The script, character design, and music all work together to create a lighthearted tone. The challenge was having a good balance between the voice over and the visuals and delivering comical punchlines that would make an impact on viewers.

4.Asahi - Be Well

This is a great example of the importance of simplicity. When we talk about keeping it simple, this is what I really mean: a great design that doesn't overcomplicate things.

One of my favorite things about this project is how easy it is to understand.

The brief was a simple character design, inspired by whiteboard animations and stick figure character designs.

This animation outlines the benefits of staying fit and healthy through the company’s Be Well program.


As a new student and specially when moving to a new country you are often lost and slowly learning the ropes. This series of animations helps new students by providing the necessary information for them to proceed with their studies.

The character designs are simple yet relatable while staying on brand.

Animations like these should be clear while using language and visuals that the target audience can relate to.

2. Tutch Smart Stores

One of the best ways to showcase a product is through storytelling. Technology is boring without a good story. We wanted to add some flavor to Tutch by adding a character that goes on a journey with the product, and it’s features, to present them in a new light.

1. eSafety - Image Based Abuse

Serious topics like bullying of any kind deserve a voice. We had the opportunity to work on this wonderful project to prevent online abuse.

The challenge was to show sensitive scenarios without them being too explicit or too simple.

Have a complex story to tell? Don't know where to start?

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