WATF! Episode 01: Production Notes #4

It's a wrap!

And it is done!

We have crossed the finish line and could not be happier with the results. I present to you the first episode of The Wolf and the Forest.

Production stages were as follows:


Stage 01 (2-3 weeks) : Script, Character Design, Storyboard and animatic.


Stage 02 (3 weeks) : VO, Animation, Background designs and Compositing


Stage 03 (1 week) : Sound Design

All up it took around 6 weeks to produce the episode. Since it was the first one many of the assets had to be created for the first time. But now that the puppets are made they can be used for future episodes which will considerably speed up production.

Hope you enjoy watching this new born project of ours as much as I enjoyed producing it.


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