WATF! Episode 01: Production Notes #2

Let's talk about ANIMATICS

To be honest I've never felt the need of the use of animatics. I know, I know, unpopular opinion. But sometimes because of time constraints and varying budgets this step is skipped and gone straight from storyboard to production.

In the case of this first episode an animatic was key. Why? because gags need to be timed properly to be able to have any impact.

I tweaked this animatic for about a week and threw in some dummy sounds to time it even better. Originally the animation was going to be over 2 minutes, but to keep myself sane I began to cut it down.

This is where the animatic came in handy. Sometimes you just need to "Kill your darlings" by getting rid of shots that aren't contributing to the overall story and distract from the main gag.

In the first version I had Max pop out of a bush with his binoculars and spot Phillip the fly on a branch up to no good. Phillip notices and turns to look at Max. Max then proceeds to freak out and hides back into the bushes.

This would have meant that I had to rig an extra character and composite a brand new scene just for that mini gag. So I cut it out.

This stage is the last stage I would cut anything out. Having already gone through the treatment, script and storyboard stage to tighten the concept.

There are a variation of different ways to approach an animatic. Some have a ton of movement already and it's tweaked over and over again. But I don't have that luxury so I only went with an animated version of the storyboard.

What do I explore in an animatic?

- Timing of the gag for better delivery

- Shot composition

- Camera movement and transitions

Have a look below at the original animatic followed by the edited version which also has some sound on it.




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