WATF! Episode 01: Production Notes #1

A few weeks ago I began writing up some ideas of what we should be doing at WATF! and after having numerous creative chats I settled on the idea of developing an educational series based on interesting nature facts since we are all about conservation and the environment.

I dove straight into work mode in between client work and wrote up 5 episodes with the first one currently in production.

Step one was creating character sheets and concept art of how these episodes would look and feel. Taking inspiration from the cartoons I grew up with like Looney toons and Hanna Barbera and my childhood hero Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter, I settled for a contemporary hybrid of these.

So far production has taken about 3 weeks on a single 1.30min episode. Going solo is no joke!

Design, Backgrounds and Animation will be done by me and will be outsourcing sound effects and Music.

Here are some frames to give you guys an idea of how it's going.

Excited to have made this decision and also the possibilities behind this ambitious project.

The Overall Story:

Max (Wolf) ventures through the forest and beyond and shows us the beauty that thrives and lives within it. From the smallest of insects to the largest of animals and nature. Much like an episode of Sir David Attenborough, we will get to know wonders of the natural world.

This is not without some adventure of course. Max comes across some interesting characters along the way with his curiosity leading him on some strange paths.


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